Friday, April 20, 2012

Field Preparations

Jeremiah and his buddy Jed installing deer fence

Maria building raised garden

Dumante working hard too, she got the short shovel
but Roger was gracious enough to loan her a long handle
making this arduous task easier 
As you learned in our last posting, the Arels made available a large field for planting.  Problems:  groundhogs and deer are aplenty in the woods behind the field.  So, a fence had to go out to attempt to control these garden destroying creatures.  The fence is electrified in our attempt to belay the deer and as for the groundhogs... you just don't want to know. 

First to go into the ground will be the Wala Wala onions and then cabbage, swiss chard, lettuce, and other greens.  But in the meantime, we continue to seed our warm weather loving plants like various varieties of eggplant, peppers and tomatoes.  Right now the greenhouses are FULL, so it's imperative we get them in the ground soonest to make room for our newest seedlings.  The eggplant right now are just amazing!

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