Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Calvary Comes to the Rescue!!!!

Of course it's raining cats and dogs on Monday when our Bedford High students told us they'd come back to help on their own time.  Given this, Gail and Jeremiah naturally assumed no one would show and started planning accordingly over early morning cups of coffe.  Soooo very much to do to include:
  • Move all plants from catepillar houses down to the now tilled (not all but enough) garden.  But because of the heavy rains, we would have to walk them down rather than destroy the Arel's lawn by driving them in the large truck... probably close to 150 trays of seedlings
  • Once catepillar houses were emptied, move seedlings from the greenhouse tables out to the catepillar houses and then the established eggplant and peppers onto the tables
  • Start separating the hundreds of tomato seedlings into their own cells, which also requires filling many trays with fertilized soil.  The tomatoes would then be secured in the grow chambers at the end of the day
  • Start planting some of the greens into the gardens... Wala Walas are now in the ground
Just an overpowering list for two people, so we contemplated taking a nap instead.  But low and behold two cars filled with 5 BHS students arrived around 9 AM raring to go.  There went our naps.  By the end of the day, all the above tasks were complete and while we were exhausted and soaked to the bone, the sense of accomplishment and pride abounded in all. All and all, a fantastic day thanks to these kind hearted and spirited Bedford teens. 
The Calvary arrives (1 more coming)

Mmmmmm, I love fish guts and seaweed


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