Sunday, April 22, 2012


Our Day #1 Artists

Our Day #2 Artists
Our primary greenhouse is now filled with great life and even more joy thanks to the Bedford High School volunteers.  Day 1 artists painted the entire alphabet with fruits/veggies painted for each letter, what great imagination and enthusiasm these young ladies had.  AND, we had just fertilized the day before with our organic concoction of fish guts and seaweed so you can only imagine (probably not though) the stench after the heat built up... they were troopers.

Day #2 artists proved equally enthusiastic and used a combination of impressionist and modern art techniques to enhance the work accomplished the day before.  We just provided the "canvas" and paints empowering them to use their imaginations.  Needless to say, they exceeded all expectations!  AND, the fertilizer stench was just as strong. 

All our artists relatively quickly adapted to the environmental aromas.  Sorry Moms, I encouraged the students to give you big long hugs when they got home... oh, the stench on their bodies!

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