Thursday, May 31, 2012

And the Harvesting Begins!

We're harvesting!!!!!!!  All the hard work up to this point is finally reaping some amazing produce to include rainbow swiss chard, kales, greens, and collards.  Come on out and buy some of the most beautiful produce you've ever seen AND it's organic.  Right now we're selling some at the roadside stand; however, we really need to draw folks up the driveway to shop at our newly revised (not quite finished) farm stand.  So very much going on you've just got to come out and see for yourselves!  And by the way, our little seedling stand has generated a lot of funds for our farmers ... over $2500 to date and still going strong. 

Rainbow Swiss Chard (left) and Red Russian Kale and the Greens/Collards are just as impressive

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