Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Getting Exciting

Family, Nick and Kaelyn, future volunteers

Our Bhutanese Farmers preparing to separate seedlings
It's getting exciting!  All four chambers are now filled to the hilt.  AND, we now have a hardening table that's filling up quickly.  Jeremiah thinks we'll exceed our 20,000 seedling goal for sure.  In addition to the onions, we now have collards, greens, kale, various peppers, and eggplants propulgating.

We're still working out kinks in our grow chambers but we're getting closer by the day.  We discovered some "grounding" issues yesterday while lowering the grow lights.  Fortunately, Jeremiah and Roger (neighbor) have come up with a plan to resolve this.  In the meantime, Gail's twitches from absorbing low voltage shocks while lowering the lights seem to be subsiding. 

So far the plants seem to love this hot weather, but it's a challenge for us human beings working in there.   Yesterday it was over 110 degrees!  The Walla Walla onions are running amuk!  Today it may prove worse.  A shade cloth for the top of the greenhouse is on order... it's only March! 

Peace be with you!

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